Everyone Is A VIP

Generally in life if you find yourself in the VIP area of an event it is because you either bought your entrance or someone has placed enough monetary importance on you as person allowing you to be in the VIP area.  In my designated VIP area the distinction of who you are and how much you value yourself as a person is what allows your entrance.  There is no monetary value placed on your presence, just yourself worth and/or the honor of your shared existence as a fellow human being matters. 

In this performance project, four retractable stanchions are set up in any place (parks, art galleries, museums, streets corners, and etc) where there is traffic or a gathering of people.  At least one bodyguard is hired to guard the selected area, and a VIP host with a clipboard accepts and checks names for the VIP list.  Anyone who wishes to enter the VIP area will be on the list because “EVERYONE IS A VIP.” As soon as a viewer enters the “Everyone Is A VIP” area he actively participates in a project where his individuality and uniqueness is celebrated without it being attached to material values. 

At some performances gifts, drinks and other items may be handed out as you enter the VIP area.  These items are a mere lure to attract viewers into becoming an active part of the performance, the true fact is that you can obtain anything that is being given out without having to enter the VIP area.  The table of gifts is always placed outside of the stanchions.  This part of the performance clearly labels The Designated VIP Area as not being any different from the space outside the stanchions. This provides an extra undertone to the art concept of “Everyone Is A VIP.”  The fundamental concept is that we do not differ very much from one to another and that our one common goal is to be happy and to lead meaningful lives irrespective of the method and/or path we choose in life. 

Below is the link to the documentation of the first performance of this project. 


Performance Art Staff 

BODYGUARDS- Pete Ippel & Michael Vladimer

QUEEN HOST - Assal Gheysari

AUDIENCE INSTIGATOR  -  Helena Heyrman, Guri,

                                               Agape, Vivian Chou

SETTING STAGE  -  Everyone above