City of Alexandria  

“Everyone Is A VIP”performance

September 19th, 2015
Exhibition series supported by 
“Special Opportunity Art Grant FY 2015- 16” 
from the Alexandria Commission for the Arts.
Space granted by the Torpedo Factory.
“Everyone Is A VIP” is an interactive performance that celebrates our shared human existence and the unique personality of each individual.  Join us in our VIP Area.  You will meet our guest artist and receive your personal VIP gift bag.  In this VIP area you will be performing as your unique self and the key password to enter is...YOUR NAME

Performing Artist Staff

Rachel Schechtman - Guest Artist

Heloisa Escudero - Floating Hostess

Melissa Cuba  -  Hostess

Srini Turaga - Bodyguard

Brian P. English - Photographer

The Public - Performing as your unique VIP Self

Thank you Everyone for been a VIP!!!!

Click Here to see images of the photobooth & signaturesSignatures_and_photobooth.htmlSignatures_and_photobooth.htmlSignatures_and_photobooth.htmlSignatures_and_photobooth.htmlSignatures_and_photobooth.htmlshapeimage_32_link_0shapeimage_32_link_1shapeimage_32_link_2shapeimage_32_link_3

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