50/50 Interactive Drawing Installation


Eyenut Magnet

Wall Magnet

Large peg openings provides space to move

drawing wires.

Another method to interact with the drawing

is to mold and hang the drawing wires

       Interactive installation “50/50 Drawing” - Uppsala, Sweden - Heloisa Escudero - June, 2009

Press play to see how the drawing changes

Contemporary art has extended the boundaries of concept and material.  I see art in my everyday life … in lines created in snowy ground as pedestrians take short cuts through a field … in an electric cable on a street lamp that forms a delicate tangle at the top and gently slopes down and connects to next post. Art has become more than a painting or a sculpture and this installation project emphasizes that growth.  For me art is an expandable form of expression where imagination and possibilities are endless.   

The “50/50 Drawing Installation” makes use of ordinary materials like electrical wire, contact paper, galvanized eye nut and magnets to create a drawing that is viewer-interactive.  This interactive drawing gives a second life to the conventional functions of the objects.  
Everyone has the innate ability to draw and to be creative, yet over the years I’ve been told countless times how lucky I am to have the artistic ability to create. Many of my non-artistic friends will claim, and I quote, “I cannot draw to save my life,” and this art piece intends to prove them wrong. This installation celebrates just this creative ability that everyone possesses but only few realize they have, the ability to draw. The concept is simple, I facilitate 50% of the creative process and the rest is left to the viewer by changing the drawing.  In this drawing installation viewers become an important part in the visual growth of the drawing, proving in a fun and playful way that you do not need to be an artist to be creative.