January 2016 - Offobia Shrine Performance

Bennett Park Art Atrium

Click here to see the performance video on Vimeo


Heloisa Escudero performing as a Phobia Collector in the first part of the performance at Bennett Park Art Atrium 2016.   On the second part of the performance she reads the phobias one by one, stabs it on to the hook and walks the phobias out of our lives.  

Barrier stanchion reveal words -  GOING    GOING    GOING    GOING    GOING    GOING    GONE

In this still video is an audience member participating in the performance. The audience can join Heloisa in assisting the phobia out of our lives.  Heloisa and the audience join hands and concentrate on getting rid of the phobia.  Together they create a barrier and politely walk the phobia out of our lives.  Most of the participants join Heloisa when their own phobia is called out but multiple people can join the performance at the same time.  Participation is optional, audience can write a phobia but is not required to perform.   

Performance informational  sign